ActiveSky 6

HiFi Simulation Software (Proprietary)

ActiveSky 6 is a flight simulation program. It comes with a comprehensive set of tools and features, including realistic weather effects. This application makes use of a weather and graphics engine that accurately simulates a flight environment. The graphics engine significantly adds realism to the simulations, and the weather engine is capable of simulating true-to-life thunderstorms and hurricanes. It can also simulate fog layers and various cloud types such as Stratocumulus and Nimbus.

One of the key features of this flight simulator is its weather interface. When launched, the program downloads the current global weather from a dedicated server. When the weather download cycle has been completed, users can access the program’s buttons and menus. During the flight simulation, users can see the weather status in a Weather Display System on the panel.

The other notable features of ActiveSky 6 are its enhanced Flight Planning with Integrated Mapping, Graphical Waypoint Editing, and Auto Route Building. Flight plans may also be exported to other applications, such as Microsoft Excel. The program has multiple menus that cover the different aspects of the simulator, including NAV Log, New Route, Refresh AI, and ActiveSky Graphics. It also has options that enable users to load and save weather effects to flight simulations. The application comes with a guide to help users in understanding its advanced features.