ActiveState (Shareware)

ActivePerl is an application that offers high quality Perl programming language that is used by millions of computer developers. The main component of the software is Perl, which is a scripting language that is derived from the structure of C language and shell programming. Perl includes procedural process with expressions, variables, control structures, assignment statements, and subroutines. The software is a commercial-grade product that is widely distributed. ActivePerl is developed by a Canadian based company ActiveState located in Vancouver. ActivePerl Business and Enterprise solution offers a supported and precompiled Perl that enables users to install the program easily and to access quality-assured codes.

Upon using the software, users can save time from manually installing, standardizing and managing Perl. The software can be used on mission-critical applications and production servers.  The application includes an installation package such as Core Perl binaries. This feature includes Perl Package Manager that supports additional modules. Users can seek assistance from Perl Experts which provides technical support for the program.  The Perl technical team also offers a Service Level Agreement for satisfying needs of businesses and provides private consultation for solving technical issues. The software supports extended platforms where users can upgrade the software to higher version whenever it is needed.