Active ScreenSaver Builder 4.6

XemiComputers ltd. (Shareware)

Active ScreenSaver Builder is an application that enables users to create screensavers and add text, images, and other multimedia content to make their screensavers personalized and unique. It has support for MP3, WAV, MID and AVI media file formats. This program provides users with a fast and easy one-step screen saver solution. With this feature, users will only need to choose the folder that contains the images they want to use for the screensaver and then select a template. The application will handle the screensaver rendering. The created screensaver can be used on the user’s own computer by selecting its SCR file in the Control Panel, or unpacked through an EXE file generated by the program so that it can be used on other computers.

This screensaver-making application comes with 84 image transition effects, as well as commands for making text and images move across the screen. It has a letter-by-letter text effect along with text justification options. Images used for the screensaver can be resized according to user preferences or stretched to occupy the whole screen. This is done without altering the original image aspect ratio.

Aside from the one-step screen saver solution, Active ScreenSaver Builder also has two other interfaces that users can choose from when making screensavers: a wizard and a command line editor. The screensavers created using the program can be edited through their SSD files.