Active@ KillDisk 7.1

LSoft Technologies Inc (Shareware)

Active@ KillDisk is a hard drive deletion utility developed by LSoft Technologies and released on November 2012. This program enables users to wipe out and delete all data recorded on a storage media, be it a hard disk, a USB thumb drive, memory cards or even floppy disk drives. It permanently deletes data, making future data recovery impossible.

Active@ KillDisk enables users to display disk and partition information of all storage drives connected to the system. This program securely deletes all data on these storage drives by performing secure overwriting using One Pass Zeros data destruction. Active@ KillDisk securely erases data in all logical drives, partitions, and even areas which are unused. After deletion, Active@ KillDisk prepares an Erasing report that can be saved and recorded on a local file. The Erasing certificate may be saved as a TXT or PDF file. Active@ KillDisk also features parallel wiping or simultaneous erasing of multiple disks. Active@ KillDisk is applicable to various hard disk file systems including NTFS, FAT, and FAT32, among others. It is also applicable to exFAT and Apple HFS.

Active@ KillDisk also features customization options for corporate users. Users may customize the boot menu, certificates, and even erase methods. Customization options may be logo and corporate name inclusions to the program. Aside from customized erase methods, Erasure reports may also be customized through inclusion of additional attributes.