Active@ File Recovery

LSoft Technologies Inc. (Shareware)

Active@ File Recovery is a data-recovering program developed by LSoft Technologies Inc. This application gives users the ability to recover data due to accidental deletion, data lost or due to formatting. The application is available in three editions – Free edition, Professional and Enterprise. It supports HFS+, Ext2/Ext3fs file and ExFAT systems. Aside from this, it also offers support for multi-tasking and 4096-byte sector size HDDs.

Active@ File Recovery can be used for recovering data from virtually connected volumes. This includes TrueCrypt encrypted disks. The application can also recover and reconstruct damaged MFT records found on NTF. It also has support for RAW and RAW-Compressed images. Different recovery options including Defining and Scanning Sector Ranges, Recovering/Skipping Named Streams and Different Filename Conflict Resolution Methods are available in the program. It two types of scanning – QuickScan and SuperScan. QuickScan is used for basic and fast scan while SuperScan is used for a much more thorough scanning of files. SuperScan also shows a map of the scanned sectors.

Active@ File Recovery includes the Active@ File Organizer utility. This utility is used for organizing files by creating folders according to the details inside and outside the file system. A feature called Recovery Status Check is also available in the program. This feature lets users preview the contents of a certain file/s. This allows users to check whether the file requires recovering or not.