Active File Compare 2.0

Formula Software, Inc. (Shareware)

Active File Compare is a simple program used for comparing two different files. The program’s interface is divided into two sections, so users can easily see the differences between the two files that are currently open. The program marks all the differences with lines and colors for easy reviewing. This application is especially useful for comparing source codes in different versions. Key features of the program are as follows:

• File Manager – The program’s file management feature enables users to filter files and sort them according to preference. Users can also easily move, rename, and delete files. The file manager also supports archived files in GZip, TAR, and ZIP formats.
• File Comparison – The application’s file comparison feature is capable of comparing not only files, but also folders. The program also creates a report in HMTL format containing the differences that were spotted.
• Editing – After seeing all the changes between two documents, users can easily synchronize the files to match each other.
• Display – The application is capable of highlighting differences between two documents. These highlighted differences can be sentences, phrases, words, or even letters. Files can also be displayed in thumbnail view.
• Settings – Under the settings window, users have different options to choose from when viewing files.