Active@ Disk Image 5.4.2

LSoft Technologies Inc. (Shareware)

Active@ Disk Image is a recovery tool designed to make a complete backup of hard drives. It can backup and restore entire hard drives and solid state drives. Simply back up a hard drive on a CD or DVD by creating an image of the file. The backup can also be stored in USB or other media devices. One the software’s unique feature is that it can open disk images and even preview the files. This can be done so that the viewer can see the file or folder before restoration. Users can also copy specific files from the image into a different location. It can be done with specific folders as well.

When running Active Disk Image, it can let users choose a backup type (Full backup, Incremental backup, and differential backup). Users can also customize what drives should have backup copy by selecting the hard drive letter in the “select disk and partitions” tab. Backup location should be specified.

Other features of Active@ Disk Image are the following:
• Can back up any media format – the software supports even DVD and DVDR
• Backups can be scheduled – user can set regular schedules of backups
• Preview contents of the disk
• Check disk for inconsistency
• Restoring disk image