Active Directory Management

Pointdev (Proprietary)

As a standalone utility, Active Directory Management has been discontinued by developer Pointdev. Instead, it has been included in their product Ideal Administration. Ideal Administration is a program used for the administration of Active Directory domains. This program offers a single convenient tool with all necessary functions for the management of stations, domains, servers, and users.

Ideal Administration provides the centralized management of servers and stations. It can perform all tasks related to administration such as Active Directory Management, data migration, database inventories, and remote control operation for various platforms.

Here are some of the key features of Ideal Administration for active directory management:

• Group and user management
• Organizational unit management
• Event and registry management
• Terminal server and classic session management
• LAN management

Ideal Administration has a multi-tab function and features an easy-to-use graphic interface. Its Explorer-like interface allows fast access to information. Users can export all lists in either CSV or HTML format. There are also configurable tabs such as VPN, Computers, History of Connections, Tools, FAQ, Internet, and Forums. The simple, secure, and fast remote control for Windows and Mac OS users feature computer group settings, screenshot capture, command prompt, chat support, and connection history.