ActionVoip 1.0

ActionVoip (Freeware)

ActionVoip is a free communications tool that lets users call people all over the world with the computer. It can call regular telephones free of charge. There is low rate for calling other kinds of phones. Calling mobile phones and smartphones are supported as well. Free PC to PC calling is possible. Downloading the software will install it and users will be ready to call and receive calls from anywhere. This is particularly useful for people who want to keep their phone costs at a minimum.

ActionVoip can be used on the computer, on any mobile device, and any phone. Users can even send text messages. Similar to scheduled emails, text messages can also be scheduled to be delivered at a later time and date. When sending to many recipients, users do not need to send the same text messages repeatedly since the feature to send to multiple recipients is available. It supports many Internet connection options. Users can connect even if their Internet is running on 3G, Wi-Fi, and GPRS). There is also a friends list that will have all the contact details of all the user’s friends’ numbers.

ActionVoip can bypass any blockades. It is also available on the iPhone and Android operating systems.