Action Ball Deluxe

Arcade Town (Freeware)

Action Ball Deluxe is a brick-buster arcade game developed by Arcade Town. Action Ball Deluxe features more than 200 levels with up to 28 bonuses. The game also features game bosses that add some difficulty to the game. The game also offers a campaign mode that lasts for 110 levels.

Action Ball Deluxe departs from the usual brick busting gameplay and adds robots to the mix. These robots rebuild new bricks, thus the need to destroy them, or else they’ll just keep building the destroyed blocks. Destroying 15 robots enables the player to advance to the next level.  The game also features bricks of different shapes like circle blocks and triangular ones. This gives the ball an unpredictable trajectory when hit. The game also features different paddles other than the default one. Some paddles come equipped with a cannon or a machine gun which enables users to destroy and fire on more bricks and robots. Some paddles also feature robot-seeking missiles that target robots in difficult to reach places. The game also offers a multi-missile paddle to deal the most damage to bricks and robots.

Action Ball Deluxe features a 3D interface and an upbeat soundtrack. The GUI displays the player name at the top left portion, together with the current score and game level. The left part of the interface also shows the current bonus bricks equipped, as well as the other available bonuses.