Action Ball 2

Alawar Entertainment, Inc (Shareware)

Those who enjoy brick-breaking games will be delighted with Alawar Entertainment’s Action Ball 2.  The arcade game has numerous levels to keep the action going, plus more challenges to keep players on their toes.  

As in other games of the same concept, players use a paddle to hit a ball that goes back and forth in the game area.  They direct the ball to break bricks or structures, with the game level ending once all the bricks are destroyed.  However, in Action Ball 2, players control more than just a paddle – they fly a battle ship.  Other than breaking bricks, gamers face the new challenge of battling robots that repair broken bricks or fire missiles.  

Players can catch special items during the game, some are beneficial while others are not.  They can also upgrade paddles to better perform the task at hand.  

Alawar Entertainment’s Action Ball 2 offers the following features:

• four paddle upgrade types
• 150 exciting game levels with varying difficulty
• 30 bonuses to make the game more challenging
• robots to fight at each level
• five boss robots to defeat

The game was designed with great graphics and audio to keep players’ adrenaline levels at high throughout the game.