Act of War - Direct Action

Eugen Systems (Shareware)

This real-time strategy game from Eugen Systems features a futuristic story of a U.S. elite force tasked to foil an international conspiracy to overthrow the existing world order. Wrapped in a combination of realistic graphics, video effects, live-action film footage, and Dolby Digital sound, the game takes players through a plot filled with espionage, military conflict, and international intrigue. Act of War: Direct Action engages players in the techno-thriller story created by retired US Air Force captain and best-selling author Dale Brown. Players command Talon Task Force, an anti-terrorism military unit, and must therefore develop fighting recruits, manage limited resources, and come up with technologies powerful enough to defeat a network of shrewd and vicious terrorists.

Act of War: Direct Action has elements that lend more realism to the game. For example, wounded units can only resume engaging in combat after they get medical help. Prisoners of war may be taken. Buildings can be destroyed. Barricades can be constructed. The player gets involved in street-level combat in the cities of Washington DC, San Francisco, London, and Moscow. The attention to detail in these urban battlefields is precise. The player may choose to engage in a storyline-driven single player mode. There is also a multi-player mode where up to eight online players can participate.  

The game provides a mixture of pre-made cutscenes and live-action film clips shot in Montreal, Canada in 2004.  The cutscenes are constructed with cinematic production using engines for real-time computer graphics.