Act of War - Direct Action Editor

Devon Kerkhove (Freeware)

Act of War - Direct Action Editor is a game released in 2005 that was developed by Eugen Systems of France and published by Atari. This is a real-time video game that requires strategy and features full motion scenes. Act of War - Direct Action Editor is a traditional RTS game that is presented with state-of-the art graphics and sound effects.

Act of War - Direct Action Editor occurs in a future time where America faces and energy crisis.  The conflict started when there came to be a skyrocketing increase in the price of gas in the United States. A series of events then occurred in the US and London involving terrorism and kidnapping, which revolves around the energy crisis. Act of War - Direct Action Editor features three factions—the Consortium, Task Force Talon, and the United States Army. Each faction has definitive strengths to play up, and number of weaknesses that players need to overcome. Some of the most recent improvements in the game include:
• Capability to enter the units of buildings of other players has been added.
• Longer time outs.
• Bothersome localization bugs have been fixed in the Asian version.

This game was based on a story written by author Dale Brown who also served as a captain in the United States Air Force.