Sage Software, Inc. (Shareware)

ACT! by Sage is a contact management application with four million users the world over. ACT! by Sage is a contact management solution intended for the use of small and medium-sized businesses. This versatile utility has multiple CRM or Customer Relationship Management functions.

ACT! by Sage is a program that functions similar to that of a business command center. This utility is not only designed to assist the user in managing one’s calendar and contact details. But it is also a tool for managing customer relationships. This program is also capable of connecting to other tools, services, and social media as well in order to facilitate desired outcomes. ACT is also designed to connect and work seamlessly with Microsoft Excel and Word, Outlook, Gmail, Google Contacts, LinkedIn, and others.

ACT! by Sage has a full spectrum of features which include basic contact information, back-office updates, rich customer history, and personal to-do tasks. This utility is designed to ensure effective customer service. It is a tool that makes it easy for small and medium-sized business owners to establish and maintain business relationships with clients and prospective customers. This app records customer information, tracks calls and emails, manages to-do items and meetings as well as e-marketing, promotion, and sales activities, among others.