ACS QuickView

Advanced Card Systems, Ltd. (Shareware)

ACS QuickView is one of the latest developments from Advanced Card Systems, Ltd. This tool facilitates a quick search for information such as home addresses and telephone numbers. ACS Quick View takes up very little space but it is capable of numerous functionalities.

This tool is designed to assist people who need data about the members of a large organization to access personal information when the need arises. ACS QuickView provides a photo of the individual for easy identification. One of the most interesting features of this program is that the user can get directions via the Internet to the person’s residence. It works better if the address of the organization is included in the Account settings. If so, clear and concise directions are provided. If the address is not in the Account information, a general map of the person’s home location is provided.

Here are some of the editing tasks that ACS QuickView can help the user with:
• Adding custom fields (up to ten)
• Removing fields
• Changing e-mail address types

ACS QuickView has three options for organizing and sorting personal information entries: by first name, by last name, by family/group. Searching for people may be done in three ways. The user can enter a partial or full name of the person. The person’s phone number or address may be encoded as well to launch the search feature.