Acronis OS Selector

Acronis (Proprietary)

Acronis OS Selector is an easy to use and high-speed utility that is designed to install a number of operating systems in one computer. It is a versatile tool that offers professional-level functions to users. A single PC can be installed with as many as one hundred operating systems using this effective application. With this program, it is also possible to have multi-boot systems on just one partition. Moreover, with this program, an OS may boot from any partition.

This application performs all these functions without altering the system that is already in place. All the data contained in the computer system is retained as well. Partition changes are completed in no time at all. OS booting is easy to step up and a password may be chosen based on user preference. This program also allows users to change the icons and the labels of every operating system included in the boot list.

Acronis OS Selector is a top solution for virtual and cloud environments that are small to medium in size. Some of its best characteristics are the following: easy to use, it is a flexible program, and it is one of the most efficient utility of its kind. It is intended for advanced users and is compatible with systems such as Windows XP Pro, Windows 98, and Mandrake Linux 8.1.