Acronis Drive Monitor 1.0

Acronis (Freeware)

Acronis Drive Monitor is a program used for monitoring the health of the computer’s disks. The program alerts users if there are failures or errors that are going to occur in order to prevent data loss. The application gives users time to save important data in the computer. The alerts can come in an email or pop up as a message on the desktop. The alerts also come with a comprehensive explanation of the detected problem in the system. Additionally, the application provides a weekly report containing a summary of the health of disks.

Acronis Drive Monitor’s interface consists of the summary and three categories – Disks, Backup, and Critical events. The Disks section shows the disk overview, SMART parameters, and the events associated with each disk. Users can also view the health of the disk when it is selected from the list. The Critical Events section shows the events that may lead to data loss. Users can also configure the monitoring of critical events from this section.

The options menu enables users to configure the settings for the program. On the Options window, users can set alerts, temperature monitoring, disks monitoring, backup monitoring, and the critical events monitoring. Acronis Drive Monitor comes with a comprehensive help file that explains the functions of the application.