Acronis Disk Director 11

Acronis (Shareware)

Acronis Disk Director 11 is a disk management application that allows users to improve their system performance and maximize disk space. The program has three main components: Partition Management, Acronis Recovery Expert, and Acronis OS Selector. All tasks done with the program can be done without data loss.

The Partition Management feature splits the hard drive into individual partitions for better disk management. It can be divided into sections for text documents, photos, music, videos, and many more. Other features for this component include merging partitions, formatting partitions, optimization of hard disk space, and previewing changes before application.

The Acronis Recovery Expert is a recovery tool that aids in repairing errors on hardware and software. The component retrieves removed partitions and restores it back to a point where the system was working fine. Users are able to retrieve partitions from bootable CDs, DVDs, and USB external devices.

The Acronis OS Selector included in Disk Director 11 enables users to install several operating systems on a single computer. Each operating system can be installed in different partitions, or they can also be installed in one partition. Other features include boot virus protection, support for several operating systems, and cloning of operating systems to keep as backups.