Acronis Disk Director 11 Advanced 11 (15-day trial)

Acronis (Proprietary)

Acronis Disk Director 11 Advanced is a tool which allows users to manage partitions for their hard disks. Disk partitioning is the process by which a single storage unit is divided or “spliced” onto several units, making it look like it has multiple disks. There are a lot of benefits in creating multiple partitions such as faster performance and file safety because it is easier to sequester and manage a computer virus when it has affected a smaller space. This program has a Partition Manager with capabilities including resizing, moving, copying, splitting and merging partitions without losing important data. In case some partitions were lost due to viruses or accidental deletion, the program comes with a Partition Recovery function which allows users to retrieve the whole partition. The program also comes with a Disk Editor for more advanced manipulations.

Other features of Acronis Disk Director 11 Advanced include the following:

• Dynamic Disk and GPT (GUID partition table) disk support. This feature makes the tool user-friendly as it uses built-in Microsoft functions.
• Remote Management. This feature allows users to manage disks and partitions using the central computer.
• Disk Access Management. This feature allows users to modify the disk status as online or offline.
• Foreign disk import. This feature allows the user to access a dynamic disk from another machine or computer.

The following serial number can be used to install the trial version: