Acrobat Distiller for Windows

Adobe Systems Incorporated. (Freeware)

Acrobat Distiller for Windows is a software which enables users to create a PDF file using a PostScript source. It is part of the Adobe Acrobat software suite. The program is a PDF creation and management tool developed specially to function in partnership with PostScript applications.  PDF files created using this tool can then be viewed using Acrobat or any version of Adobe Reader.

The Acrobat Distiller for Windows is a simple tool with a dialog box user interface. The menu bar features three options—File, Settings, and Help. The interface displays the Adobe PDF Settings window enabling users to select the Default settings to use, as well as view the program’s version compatibility with Adobe Acrobat. The program also shows a status bar for the conversion process from PostScript to PDF. Users may pause a conversion process currently running or cancel the conversion job altogether. Paused conversions may be continued at any time. The Acrobat Distiller for Windows user interface features a preview pane on the bottom displaying the current conversion processes. It displays the PDF file name, file size, Time, PS File, PS file size, and Adobe PDF settings used. Context menu via right click shows options for Preview and Explore. Users may even save a List or clear the conversion history.