Acoustica Premium 6.0

Acon Digital Media GmbH (Shareware)

Acoustica Premium Edition is a comprehensive and full-featured application used for professional audio recording, editing, and mastering. It has a simple and refined user interface with a full set of tools that can be used to produce good audio recordings. It delivers a logical workflow that can help increase productivity.

Acoustica Premium main features:
• Multitrack Editing – Users can easily create an unlimited number of tracks. Effect chains can be applied to the tracks. Sound clips are modifiable and can be easily looped and stretched. Transitions can also be added to sound clips. These transitions also provide their own transition curves.
• Phase Linear Six Band Equalizer – It provides six filter types: peak,  low shelving, high shelving, high pass, notch and low pass. Each filter or band has its own gain and bandwidth parameter. The gain denotes the frequency volume or level while the bandwidth denotes octaves that can only be used in peak filter.
• Audio Restoration Tools – These tools came from Acon Digital Restoration Suite. This suite is composed of four plugins that are used for audio restoration and noise reduction. These plugins are DeNoise, DeHum, DeClick and DeClip. DeNoise is used intended for reducing buzz, camera noise, hiss and so on. DeHum is intended for hum and buzz noise from electrical equipment. DeClick is intended for removing clicks and crackle noise. DeClip is used for restoring audio distortion caused by analog or digital clipping.