Acoustica, Inc Mixcraft3 6

Acoustica, Inc (Shareware)

Acoustica, Inc Mixcraft3 is a music production tool that enables users mix music tracks with audio effects and virtual instruments to create new audio tracks. It comes included with a set of virtual instruments and audio effects, as well as thousands of music loops to incorporate into tracks. Users can record, score, and edit audio, remix tracks, arrange loops, add effects, compose with both virtual and MIDI instruments and master tracks as to come up with a professional output.

Some of the main features of this program are the following:
• Virtual instruments – there are 11 branded virtual instruments included in the program, including the vB3 tonewheel organ, a Studio Drums sample collection, a vintage electronic piano by Lounge Lizard, and a polyphonic analog synthesizer by Impulse.
• Sound effects – there are 25 high quality sound effects included, such as the Pultroni Tube EQ and the Shred Amp Simulator
• MIDI tools – there are notation tools that enable users to create, edit, and even print the MIDI data in a music notation format. Users can also record multiple MIDI tracks and audio tracks at the same time. Editing the MIDI tracks is done via a piano roll that is displayed on the screen.
• Musical Typing Keyboard – this feature allows users to play virtual instruments and record these even without a MIDI keyboard.