Acoo Browser

AcooBrowser Team (Freeware)

Acoo Browser is a free Internet browser which is multi-tabbed and that is based on the engine of Internet Explorer. Through it, a number of Internet sites can be surfed through a single browser window. Other browser features include an integrated calculator, webpage analyzer, RSS reader, ads filter, external tools, URL alias, and ActiveX filter, just to name a few.

The browser’s interface is user-friendly, well-organized, and contains document windows that are tabbed, panel groups that are dockable, and toolbars which may be customized. Integrated skins are also contained in the interface. Toolbars may be hidden or displayed depending on the user. Tabs which are open can be closed by double-clicking on them. They can also be displayed below or above a page area. The bottom of the page is the default tabs setting. To restore most recently opened sites also resets the most recent opened tab. A comprehensive logging record is also provided. The browser is able to automatically block Internet advertisements such as banner ads, pop-ups, and flash ads. Users are made aware of ad sites which have been killed in order to improve the system’s settings. Plug-ins can be made use of to extend the browser’s functionalities. There are also about twenty mouse gestures in the Options tab.