Acme CADConverter

DWG TOOL Software (Shareware)

The Acme CAD Converter is a file conversion program. It was created and released by DWG Tool Software. It does not support file conversion of varying types but focuses more on converting specific batch and vector files. The three primary formats that this application functions well with include DWG, DWF, and DXF. These particular base files can then be converted to carry extensions such as JPEG, PDF, SVG, EPS, and so on. Closed batch and vector files can be converted using this application to make them more compatible with more basic computer systems and programs.

Batch and vector files refer to drawing files. When it comes to standard drawing software, files are almost always immediately saved using the general drawing file extensions but the problem with these is that they cannot easily be read when there is an absence of the drawing program. To make things easier for computer users, the Acme CAD Converter converts these fixed files into readable formats which can be accessed even in the absence of the drawing suite.

The Acme CAD Converter can be expected to convert several vector files simultaneously making it easier and less time consuming for the program user. Also, when files have been converted into their new formats, the user can choose to save the original