ACM Prop 1.01

AnalogX (Freeware)

ACM Prop (ACM Properties) is a third party utility that is useful primarily in finding out about ACM drives (and all their essential properties). This program is easy to use once it is in a computer system. It is also clean of malware and does not occupy too much space or cause any system to function at lower speed.

ACM Properties is a program from Runtime Software, and today it is recognized as a handy solution that is helpful in checking if the plug-ins within another program is correct or not. This program has the ability of accomplishing many complex functions, but it is not difficult to use. The following are the basic features of ACM Prop:
• Provides a listing of ACM plug-ins that are installed in the system
• Presents a list of audio formats complete with details that they can enter and produce such as sample rates and bit depths
• Runs on the following Windows systems: Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, and Windows 7

ACM Properties is a solution for computer users of various levels of proficiency—from beginner to expert level. This utility is easy to download and is mostly safe for any computer system to accommodate.