ACID Xpress

Sony Creative Software Inc (Freeware)

ACID Xpress is an audio editing tool from Sony. It is the free version of the ACID program for creating, editing, mixing, and recording music. The program has a tutorial that takes beginners throughout the process of creating music. It also comes with a selection of loops that are ready to use. Users do not need to worry about the pitch and the tempo of loops as the application automatically matches them together to form a cohesive musical piece. Some features that are provided by the program are MIDI editing support, video scoring tracks, support for time signatures, and more.

Both beginners and professionals in the music field can use the program. With available tutorials, users can easily create music tracks for homemade videos or musical scoring for short movies. The program’s interface consists of several sections for audio editing. Majority of the interface is dedicated to tracks. Users can add loops to the track and see the waveform. Other controls like volume, frequency, and pitch can all be changed from different control panels that are located on the main window.

All creations made by users can be used on personal websites or shared with other users through the program’s website.