A.C.I.D. Wizard

Alcohol 120% (Bundled)

A.C.I.D. (Alcohol Cloaking Initiative for DRM) wizard application is an SCSI-drive protector developed by Alcohol Soft as a part of the Alcohol 120%/52% programs. It was initially released in November 2008 and is based from Daemon Tool’s YASU (Yet Another SecuROM Utility). This application is used to hide the emulated drives from SafeDisc 4 and SecuROM 7. SafeDisc and SecuROM are both CD/DVD digital rights management (DRM) and copy protection programs used to prevent duplication of disks for commercial and casual use.

The A.C.I.D. wizard program offers two main functions. These are the Cloak and Uncloak buttons. Cloaking will hide the devices. Once hidden, games can be run without the problems from the SecuROM or SafeDisk protection schemes. This SCSI-drive protector also has options to choose between SecuROM 7 x Cloaking or SafeDisk 4 x Cloaking by checking the box on the main window. The SafeDisk 4 x Cloaking menu also has a sub-option for SafeDisc x Intelligent Cloaking. All options may be checked if necessary.

The A.C.I.D. wizard application features Command Line Parameters. These parameters can be used to enter different commands for the application to read. Some of the Command Line Parameters available in this program are Silent Mode (-s), Add to System Start Up (-a), Disables A.C.I.D Anti Blacklist/s (-uc) and much more.

This SCSI-device protector has been tested in SecuROM versions 7.38.0012 and 7.38.0007 and SafeDisk versions 4.85.000, 4.80.000, 4.70.000 and 4.60.0xx.