Sony Creative Software Inc. (Shareware)

ACID Pro is a digital audio workstation that is used for creating music and for post-production of audio files. The application has built-in interactive tutorials that explain the different features and tools included in the software. The program also has a Media Manager for managing files stored inside the music library. The Media Manager is a database of all the files in the program. Users can easily find a specific file by using the search feature.

The workstation consists of over 3,000 sound loops for 90 different instruments. Users can even get more loops by using the ACID Pro Get Media feature or by downloading content from Other features of the application include envelope control, flexible routing, and MIDI functionality. Aside from the basic and advanced editing tools, ACID Pro also consists of other programs that are useful in audio editing. Some of the applications included are:

• Sonoma Wire Works KitCore Drums – This application comes with more than 4000 MIDI drum files and jazz, rock/pop, and electronic kits.
• Native Instruments Guitar Combos Bundle – This bundle comes with three classic guitar packages – AC Box Combo, Twang Combo, and Plexi Combo.
• Garritan Aria for ACID Pro Player – The pack contains several MIDI samples including big band and orchestra.
• ACID Pro Effects Rack – This pack consists of several audio effects, such as Analog Delay, Dynamics, Flanger, and Phaser.