Hazardous Software Inc. (Proprietary)

Achron is a meta-time strategy game that features the element of time travel and temporal paradoxes. The game proceeds in many instances of time, not just space, which means that players can engage in events in the past, present, or future simultaneously. Players are allowed to travel a certain distance into the past. For example, if a player loses in battle, he or she can travel back in time and prevent the battle from transpiring, altering the course of events. Opponents can then go back in time as well, to counter any changes made. Players can look into the future to see what the outcomes of their actions are so they can travel to the past and make the necessary changes.

Achron gives players a timeline showing three categories of information. One is a map of that can show when opponents will attack; another informs the player of a strategy, such as going back to the past to build a larger army; and the last one shows the changes to the timeline, such as when an opponent undid a past battle. The timeline also shows the amount of damage received and the damage dealt to opponents. The changes are shown in evenly-spaced timewaves so players can have the opportunity to plan their next move.