AceText 3.1.2

Just Great Software (Shareware)

AceText is a simple application that enables users to manage all text and information in just one location. The program can be used as an extension of the Windows clipboard, allowing users to paste, cut, and copy easily. The program’s main window has some simple editing tools for making changes to the contents of the text pasted on the window. Text from different sources can be viewed on different tabs, so users can just click on a tab to move to a different text. Other features of the AceText application are the following:

• Has a search and replace feature that allows users to easily find text from copied contents
• Allows users to keep a compilation of research information
• Support for printing collections for reference
• Spell check feature for reviewing copy-pasted text
• Support for creating templates for commonly used messages

AceText has a preferences window where users can change the different attributes of the program. There are different tabs that consist of several checkboxes and menus that users can choose from. These tabs include operation, hotkeys, appearance, cursors, applications, windows, and tabs. Users can categorize different types of text according to color as well. All shortcuts and command buttons for the application are located on the upper portion of the window.