Aces High

High Tech Creations (Proprietary)

Aces High is a computer game set in the two World Wars. In this game, players pilot military aircraft modeled after the warplanes and aircrafts used during the era. While the focus of the game is aerial combat, there are also a number of ground units and naval units that come into play as it progresses. There are around one hundred land, naval, and aerial vehicles the players can encounter during the course of the entire game, all of which are based on specifications of actual military units used at that time.

Aces High simulates aerial combat as its main gameplay mechanic. Because of that, most of the game’s objective include shooting down enemies in the air. On occasion, the user’s warplane must also evade or attack some naval or ground forces. The game can be played offline by a single player and online in multiplayer. In the latter type of game mode, the player engages multiple number of opponents from the Internet. These battles take place in online arenas categorized according to the type of plane used. Some of the arenas with World War II as the setting also feature naval and ground battles. Air-to-air, air-to-land, and air-to-water battles can happen simultaneously in multiplayer games.