Acer Sync 1.04.3000

Acer Inc. (Shareware)

Acer Sync is a mobile device synchronization software that enables users to sync their Acer mobile phones and devices with their PC or cloud storage. This program is specially developed by Acer Inc. for their line of mobile devices. It synchronizes mobile contacts, calendar entries, and even media files including photos and videos. This program also provides cloud storage support particularly Google services. Users may also sync email contacts and messages from Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Acer Sync features several synchronization scenarios.  It features sync-over-Wi-Fi functionality enabling Phone to PC wireless syncing through an Internet connection. Users can also sync their devices with their PC using a USB cable. PC to Cloud and Phone to Cloud syncing is fastest via a Wi-Fi connection. PC /Phone to Cloud syncing is also possible through a 2G or 3G data connection.  Phone to PC syncing is also possible using a Bluetooth connection.

Acer Sync features a simple blue and grey user interface showing the connected devices on the left panel. There are two windows on the right showing Windows Mobile settings and Connect via Wi-Fi settings. To add or remove a connected mobile device, users can click the + and – buttons at the bottom of the interface.  Users may access the Active Sync website by clicking the Launch ActiveSync button. Users may disconnect sync connection by clicking the Disconnect button.