Acer eSettings Management 2.5.3004

Acer Inc. (Freeware)

Acer eSettings Management is a utility program developed by Acer and bundled with its computer systems and laptops. It was last updated in January 2012. Acer eSettings Management allows users to manage their system. This utility allows users to view the system configuration and other information. It also allows users to customize the security settings by configuring password and boot options.

Acer eSettings Management user interface features a tabbed window display. Under System information, there are seven tabs featured namely: Summary, Processor, Memory, MB and Bios, Video, Audio, and Network. Summary tab shows the details of the components of the computer including the Manufacturer, Product name, Operating System, Processor, System Memory, and Hard Drive, among others. Memory tab shows the current memory size, supported memory capability, number of slots, and type of memory. Network tab shows the current connection options including Ethernet Card and Wireless card settings and connection status.  

Acer eSettings Management Boot Options allows users to customize the order of components in the Boot Sequence. The individual components are listed inside the window and users may Drag the components to the desired position or use the arrow keys on the right to arrange them. Boot Options also provide users a tick box on whether or not to enable Fast Boot. Acer eSettings Management BIOS password box allows users to create or edit a BIOS Supervisor password and a BIOS User password.