Acer ePower Management

Acer Inc. (Freeware)

ePower Management is power manager software from Acer. The program works on some models of Acer notebooks. The program’s main interface has all the controls for setting the power options. Users can create a power scheme for each computer activity in order to save battery and computer resources. There are profiles for Entertainment, Presentation, Word Processing, and Maximum Battery Life. The main interface also shows the computer’s remaining battery life, CPU Speed, LCD Brightness, Wireless, LAN, LAN, Bluetooth, Firewire, etc. These can be changed with sliders or an on/off button.

A power plan can also be created. There are two schemes for the power plan. One for when the notebook is connected to a power source and another for when it runs on battery. Some of the options that are available on the power plan are the CPU Speed and the LCD Brightness. Users can also set when to turn off the display and when to put the computer to sleep. Hardware options are for the Wireless LAN, Wired LAN, and CardBus. The program can be an alternative to the power management system of Windows Vista.

ePower Management helps in prolonging the battery life of the computer. By changing the power profiles when doing a certain task, there is less power consumption.