Acer ePerformance Management

Avocent Inc. (Freeware)

Acer ePerformance Management is a system utility that is developed especially for Acer computer systems, such as desktops or laptops. This product is created by Avocent, Inc. and released on January 2012. This program enables users to make system optimizations, as well as perform RAM speed optimization, and Storage optimization. This program also features tasks that enable users to optimize system processes from boot, startup, up to shutdown.

Acer ePerformance Managements features a gray and blue user interface. The bottom bar of the interface shows three buttons that correspond to Express Optimization, Disk Optimization, and Memory Optimization. Express optimization enables users to optimize the system with just one click. This performs both Disk optimization and Memory optimization in coordination with each other. After the optimization process, the window will show the Released Disk Space in bytes or MB and also the Released Memory. Memory optimization tab shows the current memory usage as well as free system memory. An Optimize button appears just below the memory status. Memory Usage Check under the same tab enables users to scan the system to determine there is a need for additional memory or a memory upgrade. Disk Optimization tab shows local folder paths including Recently Accessed URLS, Recycle Bin Files, Temporary Internet files, Internet Cookies, Temporary System Files , and Saved Internet Passwords. To select which folders to optimize, corresponding tick boxes appear before each selection.