Acer eDisplay Management

Portrait Displays, Inc. (Freeware)

Acer eDisplay Management is a monitor configuration tool developed by Portrait Displays as a software companion to Acer monitors product line. Acer released this software on March 2008. Acer eDisplay Management enables users to configure their monitor settings from a single interface. This program also allows users to find the latest product updates for the particular graphic card installed in the system.

Acer eDisplay Management features a tabbed user interface. The interface has five tabs—Adjust, Color, Options, Help, and Extras. The Acer eDisplay Management Adjust tab enables users to configure the Resolution, Brightness, Focus, and Position. An adjustment slider is located on the upper right corner of the window. To adjust, users have to click either the + or – sign located on either side of the slider. Acer eDisplay Management Color tab enables users to set the color configurations of the Acer monitor. The Options tab allows users to search for program updates and apply such. Users can also undo a chosen configuration either on the Adjust or the Color tabs. Users can also reset the configurations to factory settings. Some options also have pre-set patterns that users may use to configure their settings. Just click on the Pattern button above the Undo and Reset button. To get access to online tech support as well as Help pages, click on the Help tab.