ACECAD DigiMemo Manager 2.70

ACECAD (Freeware)

The ACECAD DigiMemo Manager is a utility that allows the user to customize the settings of the DigiMemo device. This device digitally stores and captures whatever is drawn on paper. The device does not need a computer to do this. Afterwards, the user can transfer, store, inspect, and modify the saved data in the user’s computer. The DigiMemo can be connected to a PC, the combination of which allows the user to synchronize ordinary handwriting with a digital iteration of the page. The program allows the user to:

• Create Notes – with the digital pen, which has recording capabilities, can save what the user writes or draws via the integrated storage or an SD card.
• Sync with the PC – the stored data in the device or SD card may be transferred to, viewed, and edited with the user’s personal computer.
• Organize and Share Notes – once the data from the digital pen is stored in the PC, data management is more efficient. Digital pages may be saved across a number of popular operating systems, and sent via USB or e-mail, among other sending options.

The ACECAD DigiMemo Manager has a number of additional features, including the ability to save and view thumbnails, annotate and highlight text and pages, and save the output file in PNG, JPG, BMP, and other common image file formats.