ACE 707 Captain

Captain Sim (Proprietary)

ACE 757 Captain is a utility for the 757 Captain Simulator. ACE stands for Aircraft Configuration Editor. The utility supports all 757 Captain Sim variations including the Freighter, -200, and -300. The program allows users to add new liveries to the 757 Captain. Users may also preview the livery currently installed or delete the same, for replacement with another livery.  Users may likewise edit and customize the Description text, as well as the Aircraft Variation text.  The program also enables users to configure the Pre-flight settings.

ACE 757 Captain graphical user interface features a grey and blue-themed tabbed interface. There are three main tabs: Fleet, Preflight, and Tools. Under the Fleet tab, users may add new fleet profiles or preview the existing profile. Each profile displays the Aircraft type, Aircraft variation, and Description. It also shows whether the aircraft type selected has Winglets, ViewCam (VC), Wing Views, and Cabin. Preflight tab enables  the user to set the number of passengers, as well as their position onboard the plane. Users can also set the weight of the cargo loaded and their relative locations inside the plane.  The Tools tab allows users to check for updates for each 757 variation.

ACE 757 Captain is a utility that works with all the 757 Captain variations. The 757-200 is the base pack, while the 757-300, and the 757-Freighter are the expansion packs.