ACDSee Showroom

ACD Systems (Bundled)

ACDSee Showroom is a widget application used for managing the computer’s desktop background. It is bundled with ACDSee Photo Manager. The program can be launched in two different ways. You can open it through the Manage mode in the ACDSee program or you can launch it through Windows Start programs.

The application offers different options for configuring the desktop background. Desktop slideshows can be done. Several configurations are available for this. Users can change the duration of the slideshow by dragging the slider found at the Options window. The order of the images can be changed as well through the Order dropdown list. The order of the images can also be set up as either Random or Sequential. There is also the Transition menu where three options are available – None, Slide and Fade. Setting the program to start automatically when the computer starts is also possible by enabling the Run at Startup option.

The program offers an option to change the appearance of the window. The Opacity of the window can be changed by dragging the slider also found at the Options menu. The Size of the Showroom window can also be changed to Small, Medium or Large window frame. There is also a setting for changing the Frame style. Available Frame options include black, transparent, green, wood, or grey.