ACDSee 10 16

ACD Systems (Shareware)

ACDSee 10 is an audiovisual utility that allows computer users to view, manage, and share digital images. The chosen images are organized according to the user’s preferred filing system or by categories and keywords. Users can gain access to their images on a virtual calendar interface that displays thumbnail previews on-screen. Aside from browsing pictures, the QuickView mode that comes with the program allows the user to view desktop files and email attachments. The viewer that comes with the program contains instant image previews when a user hovers the mouse over the thumbnail.

ACDSee 10 is capable of adjusting or enhancing images. Features introduced in this version include the Red-Eye tool, which replaces the appearance of red pupils with custom eye colors. The application also offers automatic adjustments to color and saturation, as well as motion blurring effects that can be applied to selected areas of an image.

With ACDSee 10, the user can organize their image collection with a number of options. Users can organize the operating system’s file folders, edit metadata, add ratings and keywords, and assign files to their own categories. Images can be assigned to as many categories as the user wishes without generating duplicate files.