ACD/ChemSketch FREEWARE 12.01

Advanced Chemistry Development Inc. (Freeware)

ACD/ChemSketch is a drawing application for creating chemical structures. It also comes with a tool for calculating the molecular properties of chemical structures including the density, refactivity, and the molecular weight. The application is capable of displaying structures in 2D or 3D view.

The application’s main window consists of the tools needed for creating chemical structures. There are different elements offered including a dictionary, measuring tools, chains, bonds, and a lot more. Additionally, the application comes with several templates that are useful for creating new chemical diagrams. Advanced users can create structures from scratch, too. ACD/ChemSketch comes with an advanced calculator, which makes it easier to view formulas for chemical structures and calculate the mass and volume of a substance. More information can be viewed from the comprehensive periodic table that can be accessed from the main window. The main user interface is easy to use, provided that the user has some knowledge of chemistry.

Other features of the ACD/ChemSketch program are the following:
• Chemical Intelligence feature for automatically assigning hydrogen atoms to the structure
• Provides a wide variety of special bond types to create complex chemical structures
• Support for customization of the display properties
• Offers hundreds of structures to use as templates