Advanced Chemistry Development Inc. (Shareware)

ACD/3D Viewer is a tool that comes with the ACD/3DSketch program. The program is used for converting 2D structures to 3D and is mainly used for chemical structures. It offers four display options for chemical structures – wireframe, sticks, balls and sticks, and spacefill. To add structures to the viewer, open a chemical structure on the ACD/3DSketch application and then click on the ‘Copy to 3D’ button. The chemical structure should appear in the viewer.

There are several tasks that can be done once the chemical structure is on the viewer. Users can drag on the work area to rotate the structure to see different views. All the tools can be seen on the toolbar located at the top portion of the window. The colors of the structure can be changed, too. Under the Colors window, users can change the background and the color selection for each element used for the chemical structure.

Here are more features of the ACD/3D Viewer application:
• Measure and change the bond lengths, torsion angles, and bond angles
• View 3D chemical structures in perspective
• Create animated GIF files from the chemical structures
• Toggle between 2D and 3D structures with just one click
• Export 3D structures to geometry optimization applications