AccessEnum 1.32

Sysinternals - (Freeware)

AccessEnum is a system utility program developed by Bryce Cogswell for Sysinternals. It is used for viewing file systems as well as registry security settings. The program shows who has access to folders and files located within the directories. It is capable of examining all selected files. However, it only shows files and folders with permissions that vary from its parent folder. This allows users to determine deviations in the system’s security policy.

The program utilizes standard Windows security APIs to obtain a list view of selected files. It works by extracting the access-control model of Windows into Read, Deny, and Write permissions. This means that all files are marked as Read, Deny, or Write permission status only whether or not the files have Write Owner permission or Full Write Rights permissions. Users can only see selected files as having either read, deny, or write permissions.

The program’s interface is straightforward. It is a small dialog box that provides all the available functions straight from the window. To use the program, users only have to choose the file path of desired files to be compared. Users also have the option to scan either a directory or a registry. After selecting files to be compared, users simply click the scan button then the program scans the selected files and displays the result.