Accessdiver (Freeware)

AccessDiver is an application that is used to test website security and detect security failures on web pages. It is equipped with a comprehensive set of tools and features to help web developers accurately identify weaknesses on their websites so they can do the necessary adjustments to increase security. This tool makes use of up to 100 bots to examine web pages, allowing for a quick analysis, and is able to detect failures in a web directory by comparing these to hundreds of known problems.

This application comes with a built-in word leecher that aids users in increasing the size of their dictionaries so they can reinforce and expand their analysis. In addition, it also has word manipulator that enables users to increase the strength of their dictionaries. For greater accessibility, this program is designed to be fully proxy compliant, and it also comes with a built-in proxy hunter and analyzer. With this program, users will be able to know if the website they are developing will be safely used by customers and end-users.

AccessDiver’s tools include the following:

• DNS resolver – enables users to look up the host name of a particular IP address
• WHOIS gadget – allows users to retrieve the information about a domain name owner
• PING tester – informs the user about site and Internet address efficiency
• HTTP debugger – shows users the process (HTTP protocol) so they can understand connection problems