Access Connections 6.01

Lenovo (Freeware)

Lenovo Access Connections is a program used for managing network and Internet settings. This connectivity assistant application enables users to switch from one network/Internet settings to another by choosing a location profile. A location profile saves the network configurations and settings needed to connect to a certain network. Users can configure both the Internet and network settings in the Location Profile for Wireless LAN, modem and wired LAN network devices. With this program, it is no longer necessary to reconfigure Internet/network settings when moving from one place to another.

The program provides two views – Basic and Advanced. The Basic view offers automatic searching of networks. This means that manually creating location profiles is no longer required. On the other hand, the Advanced view enables users to create and specify location profiles when connection to a network on demand. Access Connections is also capable of importing and exporting location profiles for wireless network adapters. However, this feature does not allow exporting of wireless security settings as well as the entire profile settings. Aside from changing network connections, the program can also be used to monitor the status of a connection.

Configuring user preferences and global settings is also possible with this program. User preferences are those settings applicable only to a certain user while the global settings are those settings application to all users. The program also features Diagnostic tools for troubleshooting network connections. Available diagnostic tools include Connection Status, Ping, Trace Route, IP Configuration and Event Log.