Accellion Outlook

Accelion (Shareware)

Accellion Outlook is a plugin that provides users with the ability to send large files and folders directly from Microsoft Outlook. When composing a message, the plugin can be accessed through an installed “Accellion” button on Outlook’s Message ribbon menu. The plugin’s button can be clicked if users need to attach large files of any size that exceed the limit provided by Outlook, which is usually 10 Mb. Users can continue to use Outlook’s “Attach File” button when attaching smaller files. The plugin also allows users to set a file link expiration date, as well as options to control file access. This application ensures safe file transfer and is primarily designed for businesses and organizations that send large files in bulk.

The files and folders attached via the plugin are securely uploaded to Accellion’s cloud storage and the emails are delivered containing a secure link to the files. The recipient can click on the secure link and undergo a short identity authentication process to access and download the file. Since the files are offloaded from the user’s email system, these do not take up storage space and make use of excessive email bandwidth. It can also provide users with audit trails for files and deliver return receipts for all of the file transfers for business or organization compliance purposes.