ACCA software S.p.A. (Freeware)

ACCAreader is a program that lets the user see files and documents made using ACCA programs and saved as “.ar” files. As a file-viewing software, it is able to present data from a computer file in a form readable to the typical user. File contents are usually accessible through a window or screen display. They can also be accessed by having them printed. ACCAreader makes it possible for the user to open and print .ar documents and export them to other formats.

The reader is useful in recognizing the format of files it is viewing. There are times when even plain text files are not at all simple. This means such text aren’t easily readable or comprehensible. ACCAreader is capable of handing various code pages and newline styles. Code pages are also known as character encoding. They consist of tables showing values that describe a particular language’s set of characters. Newlines, otherwise known as line breaks or end-of-line markers, are special kinds of characters or character sequences indicating the end of text line.

This file-viewing application does not edit files. However, it can save information using another kind of file format. It can likewise copy data from the viewed file and store it to a computer clipboard. Clipboards are software facilitates used for short-term storage of data and for transferring between applications of documents, using copy and paste actions.