Black Chicken Studios (Proprietary)

Academagia is a simulation game wherein the player takes on the role of a character studying in a magic school. The player has to manage the character’s schedule, assignments, and activities. Whatever choices the player makes will lead to the character’s success or failure at school. The player has to make sure that the character develops good academic knowledge, takes part in extracurricular activities, interacts with professors and fellow students, and gets involved in activities for personal development. In this magic school, the character must primarily learn magic skills as well as participate in inter-school tournaments and sports competitions.

In Academagia, the player has many options to make the main character learn academic and social skills and improve magical abilities. The character can attend seven different colleges and master seven primary attributes. The wizard-in-training can learn a hundred magic skills and master more than a hundred spells.

The character can interact with 80 other Academagians. The student-wizard can participate in 800 events and complete in a hundred missions. Every action done by the player will earn the character gains, or accomplishment points. Players can choose to master good magic or try learning the dark arts.

The game is constantly updated.