AC3Filter 2.6.0b

Vigovsky Alexander (Freeware)

AC3Filter is an audio processor and decoder filter developed by Vigovsky Alexander. Initially released in August 11, 2009, AC3Filter lets media players to play video files with DTS and AC3 audio tracks. This program can also process audio tracks. Most of the options for processing allow you to adjust sound in different ways.

AC3Filter’s Playback features allow users to playback video files with DTS and AC3 audio tracks and listen to multichannel AudioCD. It can also be used to playback raw DTS and .AC3 files. Playback of WAV files with DTS/AC3 content ripped from multichannel AudioCD without converting the files is also possible.

This program can be used for up-mixing audio tracks to up to six channels and down-mixing them. Using the down-mix feature of ProLogic to assist in pulling out surround information using DPL encoder is also possible as long as an external decoder is available. Other Process features of the AC3Filter program include watching video files under bad hearing conditions, adjusting time delays for channels, adjust gain of input/output channel to compensate differences in loudness, apply time shift to tracks for synchronizing audio with video and decreasing dynamic range.

AC3Filters also has SPDIF features. It supports USB sound cards. It can also pass-through both DTS and AC3 over SPDIF without external decoder changes and encode audio to AC3then transmit them over SPDIF.