Abyss Web Server X2

Aprelium (Proprietary)

Abyss Web Server X2 is a web server designed for Linux, MacOS X, and Windows operating systems. It can be used on small and even outdated systems because it does not require excessive power and huge memory to run. It comes with an intuitive console, the web management interface that makes it easy for users to configure the server parameters and other settings. The console may be accessed from a remote computer for greater convenience.

This compact web server is based on the APX, or Anti-crash Protection eXtension, architecture, which makes it crash-proof. If an application causes a critical error resulting in a crash, the server will be restarted automatically, and a report will be generated for reference. The server is also secure, thanks to its advanced decoding engine that has the ability to reject suspicious and malicious requests. In addition, it has an anti-hacking feature that is capable of detecting hacking attempts and similar security attacks at an early stage, and bans the IP addresses from where the threats come from.

Abyss Web Server X2 helps users make dynamic HTML pages easily through its XSSI support feature, eliminating the need for a scripting language. Its support for URLs and filenames written in any human language also adds to its dynamism and ease of use.